Spencers Oregano

Spencers Oregano

Spencers Gourmet Trading prides itself in the supply of authentic herbs and spices from around the world.  We have at all times applied stringent quality checks to our supply chain.  Further to this, we were made aware by a letter from the ACCC on Wednesday 30th March that a test on a packet of Spencers branded Oregano (best before date 12th August 2017)  indicated that in addition to pure Oregano the product contained a portion of Olive leaf and Sumac leaf.  We have been made aware today that the tests were commissioned by Choice Magazine.  At no stage have we been contacted by Choice.

We have made immediate contact with our supplier of the product to investigate and trace product that may be out of specification.  We have withheld any further sales of Spencers Oregano pending further testing and certification to guarantee our promise of authenticity.

We rely on international suppliers to meet our stringent specifications for authenticity to ensure the promise we make to our customers is upheld.  It would seem (subject to further testing) that Spencers General Trading may have unknowingly on sold product that was not to specification.  We apologise to concerned consumers and those directly affected by this unexpected circumstance – the first ever experienced by Spencers Gourmet Trading.

Spencers General Trading has committed to only use proven certified herbs and spices and will reinforce quality checks to ensure that this incident will not reoccur.

It is important to note that the product is safe for consumption and does not pose any health risks but we understand the disappointment consumers may feel.

Spencers Gourmet Trading will replace Spencers Oregano Sachets with Best Before Date of 12th August 2017.

Please contact Spencers Gourmet Trading to arrange refund or replacement via our Website


David Clapin

Managing Director

Spencers Gourmet Trading

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